Content Providers


StudyBuddyCampus is a community where teachers and students collaborate making their learning experience fun and engaging. The community provides free and paid content and resources that help members achieve their educational goals. Free resources are provided by teachers in the form of StudyDocs and different types of educational documents. Content is provided by content providers in four main formats: e-books, games, illustrations and special courses. Read below for specific information for writers, developers, illustrators and teachers. At the bottom of this page you will also find a section with frequently asked questions and a link to the StudyBuddyCampus Digital Content Provider Agreement, which every content provider must digitally signed before submitting content for sale and distribution at StudyBuddyCampus.

Whether you are a first timer or an experienced writer, you can make a contribution to the community by writing an educational book and publishing it on StudyBuddyCampus. There are many benefits and incentives to write for our community:

  • Simple registration and approval process
  • Opportunity to increase your visibility and name recognition
  • You maintain all the rights and determine how long your title will be published
  • Short time of production for children’s book and large income potential
  • Competitive commissions
  • StudyBuddyCampus does all the marketing under your direction

Write a title for StudyBuddyCampus today and become the next best known author of children’s books!


Our goal is to make learning fun and engaging for students. Educational games are a key aspect of our community, and a way in which students become fully involved in the learning experience. Developing games for StudyBuddyCampus provides many benefits:

  • Simple educational games with short development time
  • You maintain all the rights and determine how long your title will be distributed by StudyBuddyCampus
  • Competitive commissions

Develop a game for StudyBuddyCampus and quit your day job!

Illustrators (coming soon!)

Our community allows both teachers and students to express themselves by creating their own StudyBuddy. Studybuddies are characters that represent your persona in the community. Community members can customize their StudyBuddies with basic items of clothing provided to them by free.

However, users can also purchase additional items of clothing for their StudyBuddies. As an illustrator you can distribute and sell in the community entire sets of clothing to customize the StudyBuddies.

  • Increase your visibility and name recognition as an artist by illustrating for StudyBuddyCampus
  • Start making your commission today by selling your art
  • Large income potential
  • Short production time

Start customizing StudyBuddies today and become and well known animator!

Teachers (coming soon!)

In addition to creating private classes for theirs students, teachers can also list classes such as art, music and other special courses that are paid and open to the entire community. Students have the option to enroll in these courses for a fee. These are the benefits of teaching special courses at StudyBuddyCampus:

  • Supplement your income by teaching simple special courses
  • Make a contribution to the community by helping you lower the cost of education
  • Become a recognized and well known name in the educational community

Start teaching your favorite class at StudyBuddyCampus!

General Information

In order to submit any type of content (e-books, games, illustrations or special courses), you must first read and agree to our StudyBuddyCampus Digital Content Provider Agreement. Once you have digitally signed the agreement you can submit your content for sale and distribution on StudyBuddyCampus. Remember, all content must meet all the requirements listed on the agreement.