About Us

StudyBuddyCampus goal

StudyBuddyCampus goal is to revolutionize the delivery of education by combining an interactive game like experience with the latest educational content.

We are dedicated to:

  • Making education fun and engaging to motivate students
  • Bringing the latest technologies to students and teachers
  • Lowering the cost of educational books and school supplies
  • Helping teachers balance their workload
  • Increasing parental participation

StudyBuddyCampus provides the free tools that teachers, children and parents need to provide an excellent education to every student. By joining the free community teachers can:

  • Collaborate with teachers across the nation in a free online community
  • Share StudyDocs with other teachers in the community
  • Easily create electronic StudyDocs
  • Have their StudyDocs automatically graded by the application

StudyBuddyCampus also provides the infrastructure for members of the community to create and sell additional educational content in four main formats:

  • Educational games that are fun and challenging
  • Electronic books that improve reading abilities
  • Special and extracurricular courses
  • Custom StudyBuddies

Our Mission

StudyBuddyCampus mission is to provide new technologies that make learning fun and successful for teachers and students.

Our Vision

StudyBuddyCampus vision is to provide teachers and students with innovative technologies in the form of free web tools to help enhance the quality and excellence of the education provided in the classroom.